Hey guys, so since I have promised you to give you all version of the game @ TroubleTank.Org, today I have decided to add the third version of the game – Tank Trouble 3.

What is important about this version? Well here you have the option to play three different modes; you can play in one player mode which generally means that you will have to play against computer names Laika. Be careful in this mode (singleplayer), because the computer has really high skill and he can destroy your tank in no time if you lose focus.
Two-player mode, as well as three-player mode, involves other people, you can play against your friends and this is really entertaining. You can test your skills in this mode against each other and have fun as well.

A couple of other important things worth mentioning is that in Tank Trouble 3 there …


Dead Zed 2 has upgraded itself into a much harder version than its predecessor. While Dead Zed 2 had already made a name for itself as a unique zombie shoot em up game, there’s more to the Dead Zed universe than just shooting zombies. It is about the day and night sequence where you clear and repair houses, create search parties, keep morale high. That is what makes Dead Zed more difficult than Tank trouble 2 and your regular zombie apocalypse game.


In Dead Zed 2 Unblocked, you are fighting off a horde of zombies making their way towards you. The game is in first person view and requires a mouse for aim. You press the R button to reload and you swap weapons by pressing Q. This is more difficult at night mode where the visibility is worse. Apart from defeating hordes and hordes of zombies, you spend …



“Return Man” is the first in a series of free American football flash game by ESPN Arcade, simply titled “Return Man”.
The game may seem pretty straight forward with no complicated instructions until you start to play.
Judging by its popularity, it’s therefore not surprising that Return Man is one of the most popular and entertaining flash game.…


Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is a second version of the Return Man 1- Zombie that has highly been rated computer games. This second version is an advanced level of the first version. This means that if you enjoyed the first version, then you will definitely like this second one as well.


The second Version

Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES, just like the Return Man – ZOMBIES, is an American football game but this time playing with the zombies. The game requires the player to maneuver through the zombies and score to the other side. When you get through the zombies and score, it is when you earn points. This American football zombie game is one of the easiest games to control. And very addictive! Oh and don’t forget to try new version of Gun Mayhem game as well.


The Return Man 2 – ZOMBIES is very easy to …


Raze is at last back and much better than ever in Raze 4! Loaded with much more excitement, more accomplishments, more levels, and much more options for customization, you’re sure to invest hours of enjoyable playing! Shoot down your opponents to win lots of gold! What have you been waiting for? Enjoy it now! You can also enjoy brand new release of Return Man game!

The Instructions

Just like the previous versions, this specific game includes the Humans mode as well as an Aliens mode. However, Raze 4 also includes a fresh mode – Zombies! Fight the right path through the Humans and Aliens modes for unlocking the Zombies mode. Kill all the opponents to complete the achievements and earn a lot of gold. Use the precious metal for upgrading your weapons and get new gear.

The Controls

In this particular online game, the key controls are just like the …


Raze 2 is the second game to be produced in the Raze series. It has retained its best features and added more features and weapons which makes it even more faster and more fun to play compared to Raze 1. Also if you like  card games play World of Solitaire latest version at http://worldofsolitaire.us .

In this second series, humans have to fight once more against the aliens in order to acquire the alien artifacts which is a great powerful shield, that would help protect the future of all humanity on earth from being destroyed by a meteor shower.

This leads to a huge fight between humans and aliens since aliens also want the artifacts, because their planet is also under the threat of the meteor shower. The battle begins when the aliens found the artifacts from an unknown planet and as they were taking it back home they were …


What is the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo? Super Smash Flash 2 Beta, “SSF2” for short, is the demo of Super Smash Flash 2, a flash game created by Cleod 9 of McLeodGaming, you may download it and play offline. It’s a fighter style game similar to the popular Super Smash Bros games, in which the focus of the game is to be the least damaged character at the end of the round. A few of the playable characters include Link from The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man from the Mega Man games, and Kirby from the popular Kirby franchise. In Super Smash Flash 2, you are able to play on many recognizable and nostalgic stages from past games, such as Clock Town from The Legend of Zelda, Majoras Mask as an example. The game play is great, now do the controls step up to the plate?

Super Smash Flash 2 demo version
Controls of Super …