Everything you need to become a professional Return Man


“Return Man” is the first in a series of free American football flash game by ESPN Arcade, simply titled “Return Man”.
The game may seem pretty straight forward with no complicated instructions until you start to play.
Judging by its popularity, it’s therefore not surprising that Return Man is one of the most popular and entertaining flash game.

Everything you need to become a professional Return ManSo what is this game about?

You have one objective; get the ball (punt) and then run down the length of the field, all the while dodging your opponents tackles, in an attempt to score a touchdown.
If you don’t make it to the end zone, you lose a “possession”.
Your “possession” is represented by a series of footballs on your screen. These are your “lives”.
The game starts with 4 total “possessions”.
Like any other game, return man has multiple levels that players can advance through, depending on your skill.
As you run down the field you shall need all the help you can get to avoid the opponent defenders.
There is one catch though! You are not allowed to run backwards, you can only move forward.

So how do you play Return Man?

Since the Return Man game series is entirely flash based, you control your player using your computer keyboard.
Use the “I” keyboard key to move your player forward, while simultaneously using the “J” keyboard key to dodge or run left and the “L” keyboard key to dodge or run right.
You are not allowed to run backwards!

When the whistle sounds to start the game, you receive the football then start running to the other side.
Use your three defenders to make sure that you are not tackled before making a touchdown.
Make sure you don’t leave your defenders too far behind, or you shall regret the result.
If you are tackled before your touchdown, you gain points depending on how many yards you have moved.

return man zombie
As you play the game and improve your skill, you will eventually unlock special moves and extra “possessions”.
You can control these special moves using your keyboard; Use the “A” keyboard key for the “Juke” special move, the “S” keyboard key for the “Hurdle” special move and the “D” keyboard key for the “Afterburner” special move.
These special moves come in very handy when trying to get by the defenders.
As an added bonus, you can run over lightning bolts for a speed burst and some bonus points.


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