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Remember that game that went super viral in no time? I think the name of that game was Cookie Clicker, well now we can play a hilarious version of that game named Poop Clicker

Just like all other similar games from this category, this game is all about getting upgrades. You constantly buy more units, build factories, etc. The more production facilities you have the more poop you can produce per second and it will help you to buy huge factories.

Like I have said before game is all about getting different upgrades, I want to list here which units are available in the game: baby, bowl, cow, canalization, railway, factory, government, Earth, and heaven.
Each of the following facilities costs more than the previous one, but they produce more poops so the price, in this case, is fair. If you want to reach max production you must aim high and you must constantly buy new units/facilities.

My advice
By the way, when you start the game from the beginning you don’t have any poop production, you can get first resources only with a help of clicks. I think it is better to collect the first 100 poops with clicks, buy a baby unit, and never ever upgrade the cursor. If you will focus on upgrading the cursor you will have to constantly click and it is kind of boring, just collect resources and waste it on unit production and forget about the cursor and constant clicking.

All important data
The game has a statistics button as well, if you will click it, you can see all important details, like for example: poops per second, poops per click, all-time poops, handmade poops, etc.
The game literally calculates EVERYTHING and you can always visit the statistics tab to check data.

If you have any remaining questions you can always find the help button in the game menu and there you will find instructions.

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