Yet another release of one of the best online adventure games is here – Vex 2 and it has so many improvements compared to the previous version of the game that your head will feel dizzy.
Graphics are very attractive, movements in the game are very smooth, everything works like a charm, details of the different objects are on a decent level, and sounds in the game are cool as well, both jumping sounds and music.
There are a lot of changes to the maps as well, obstacles and traps are more tricky, levels themselves are more interesting, and so on.
In total the second version looks awesome.


Raze is at last back and much better than ever in Raze 4! Loaded with much more excitement, more accomplishments, more levels, and much more options for customization, you’re sure to invest hours of enjoyable playing! Shoot down your opponents to win lots of gold! What have you been waiting for? Enjoy it now! You can also enjoy brand new release of Return Man game!

The Instructions

Just like the previous versions, this specific game includes the Humans mode as well as an Aliens mode. However, Raze 4 also includes a fresh mode – Zombies! Fight the right path through the Humans and Aliens modes for unlocking the Zombies mode. Kill all the opponents to complete the achievements and earn a lot of gold. Use the precious metal for upgrading your weapons and get new gear.