Tank Trouble 3 – Play Now

Hey guys, so since I have promised you to give you all version of the game @ TroubleTank.Org, today I have decided to add the third version of the game – Tank Trouble 3.

What is important about this version? Well here you have the option to play three different modes; you can play in one player mode which generally means that you will have to play against computer names Laika. Be careful in this mode (singleplayer), because the computer has really high skill and he can destroy your tank in no time if you lose focus.
Two-player mode, as well as three-player mode, involves other people, you can play against your friends and this is really entertaining. You can test your skills in this mode against each other and have fun as well.

A couple of other important things worth mentioning is that in Tank Trouble 3 there are new power-ups available, some allow your tank to use lasers, others allow you to shoot rockets, etc.

Keep in mind that if you will shoot wall under a specific angle, you will be able to ricochet your bullets and hit enemies from different corners, you must calculate angle correctly and you will win battles in most cases.

What else can I say, oh yes controls of the game:

So player one uses the M button for shooting and arrow keys for movement. These controls relate to one player mode.

In two-player mode player one uses E, S, D and F buttons for movement and Q button for shooting, as for the second player, they use arrow buttons and M button for shooting.

The final mode is the three-player mode, here player one uses E, S, D and F buttons for movement and Q button for shooting, player two has to use arrow buttons to navigate and M button to shot, as, for player three he has the only mouse, player three has to navigate with a mouse and shoot with the mouse as well.

I think I have covered all the important details of this wonderful tank battling game, not only you can play it solo, but you can also play it with your friends, truly entertaining flash game.

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