What you should know about Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 has upgraded itself into a much harder version than its predecessor. While Dead Zed 2 had already made a name for itself as a unique zombie shoot em up game, there’s more to the Dead Zed universe than just shooting zombies. It is about the day and night sequence where you clear and repair houses, create search parties, keep morale high. That is what makes Dead Zed more difficult than Tank trouble 2 and your regular zombie apocalypse game.


In Dead Zed 2 Unblocked, you are fighting off a horde of zombies making their way towards you. The game is in first person view and requires a mouse for aim. You press the R button to reload and you swap weapons by pressing Q. This is more difficult at night mode where the visibility is worse. Apart from defeating hordes and hordes of zombies, you spend your time as a resource earned from destroying zombies. Use this time wisely. If you want you can spend this time directing your people to different duties or as upgrades. You can divide the survivors between groups. These are melee, shooters, search party and personal assistant. The search party will be raiding buildings for supplies and from time to time, a new recruit can join the team. However, it is possible for your search party to get lost, which will decrease morale of your whole group. And you don’t want that when the zombie hordes come knocking at your door.

Special Features

You have a whole town to be discovered and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. You can improve your standing by making upgrades and rallying morale. And it is easy to lose yourself to the responsibilities of this game.


This main difference of giving the gameplay the ability to fight, repair and search makes this game different from all the rest. While it is a derivative of the browser game’s rebuild series, this game is known for its unique gameplay and nail biting realism. This game will give you the apocalyptic feels, especially when you are making head shot kills at zombies and reloading as the zombie horde edges closer to you. This is the perfect fix for your zombie apocalypse craving and Dead Zed 2 delivers.

With your band of survivors and the time you have left to spare, can you save yourself and your band from the zombie apocalypse? Play Dead Zed 2 Unblocked to find out.



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