Play Vex 2

Yet another release of one of the best online adventure games is here – Vex 2 and it has so many improvements compared to the previous version of the game that your head will feel dizzy.
Graphics are very attractive, movements in the game are very smooth, everything works like a charm, details of the different objects are on a decent level, and sounds in the game are cool as well, both jumping sounds and music.
There are a lot of changes to the maps as well, obstacles and traps are more tricky, levels themselves are more interesting, and so on.
In total the second version looks awesome.

Objective and gold score
The objective of the game is the same as before, you need to overcome all obstacles in the game and reach the finish line. In order to calculate the level of your skill game has an interesting scoring system: you can get three different scores – bronze, silver, and gold. Your job is to reach a gold score on each map; the score is calculated by how much time you wasted on each map, the less time it will take for you to reach the finish line the better.
I will give you a time graph so it will be easier for you to understand how the game calculates your score:
Bronze – 01:20
Silver    – 01:10
Gold     – 00:50
Reaching gold is a really hard task, but if you like challenges you will enjoy the process.

An adventurous world full of dangers
Obstacles in the game usually include: spikes that can kill you, holes where you can fall and die, jumping obstacles which you have to overcome, moving objects, spinning blades, etc. Similar traps can be seen in the Flyordie game which is free to play at the official blog.
It is also important to note that the early levels of the game are easy, but things change when you start to play at higher levels. The game is not really easy to finish, but it is full of adventures and entertainment.

Game Menu

In the in-game menu, you can see the stage builder function, it allows you to build your own maps, you can place your own obstacles and traps. This function is very useful for those who have a creative mind and can create awesome maps. You can create your own level and later own you can play them yourself.

Another interesting feature in the game menu is the achievement system; here you see all your current achievements and the ones which you have yet to earn. Game achievements are both hard to earn and challenging as well. Try to get all of them and you can safely say that you are a skilled gamer.

Changing settings
And the last thing in the game menu is the options tab. Here you can change different settings, like the sound of the game, speed run feature, video quality and you can clear all data which will delete all your current progress in the game (I have no idea why developers added such feature, if you will click it you will lose all your achievements and stuff).

As you can see the game has a lot of features, it has interesting gameplay, it has awesome maps, challenging obstacles, and many more. In total, I can safely say that Vex 2 is one of the best adventure games in the world.

P.S. In case you are interested in funny clicking games I got one for you – Connect4 😀 Yeah I know it sounds funny, but it is actually a very entertaining game and can be found on the official blog.

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